The 5 Minute Interview: With Grant Jerkins

He’s an overweight, mostly bald, late-middle-age white guy in skinny jeans. Phil Collins meets Phil Collins. Like that. But like a really old Phil Collins. A sad spectacle. We meet at the Viper Room off the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. Almost two hours late, Jerkins offers no word of apology, no acknowledgement that he […]

NSFW by Grant Jerkins

Why won’t you love me?

I love you. I am right here. I am doing everything I can to get you to notice me. I friended you online. I read your blog. I took pictures of you when you weren’t looking. Those pictures mean the world to me.

Why won’t you love me? I sent flowers to you at work. I know you got them. I’m right here in the next cube. I heard you talking to your friends. I know you were excited. I know you were dying to know who sent you those flowers. I know you kept them on your desk long after they started to fade. I saw you putting aspirin in the water to make them last longer. I know they meant something to you. So why won’t you love me?

Blight Digest (Winter 2015) Releases

We are pleased to release our second edition of Blight Digest featuring thirteen tales to tantalize and terrorize the senses. Table of Contents Features: Farewell, Again by Matt Andrew Burrow by Paul J. Garth The Hunger, The Thirst by W.P. Johnson How Little Sleeps by Angel Luis Colón On Dark Wings by Tony Wilson The […]

Blight Digest Winter 2015 Reveal

BLIGHT DIGEST Winter 2015 is expected to release the last week of February, and includes 13 all new tales to tingle and terrorize. Our Table of Contents: Grant Jerkins Mathew Andrew Eddie McNamara Angel Luis Colón Paul Garth Mathew Allan Garcia Jacqueline Seewald Tony Wilson John Steele J M Perkins William P Johnson John Leahy […]