How I Got the Gun: Beau Johnson

Beau Johnson is no stranger to Shotgun Honey with over a dozen short story contributions since 2012. Those same stories have lead to a series of successful collections including or featuring everyone’s favorite axe-wielding anti-hero Bishop Rider. The axe has been passed in his newest book, The Abrum Files. Let’s find out how Beau Johnson […]

How I Got the Gun: Ryan Sayles

Back in August, a longtime friend Ryan Sayles reached out about his new book Like Whitewashed Tombs which released August 29th from Down & Out Books. Ryan’s work first appeared on Shotgun Honey in 2011, and he returned several times since. In fact we had the pleasure of publishing his novel Goldfinches in 2016. Before […]

How I Got the Gun: Paul J. Garth

Most of our Gauntlet members over the years have been past contributors to our online flash offering. Having been here since day one, it gives me a unique opportunity to watch these writers grow in their craft. Though I admit, Paul’s contributions have shown exceptional skill from his first story. Two weeks ago, THE LOW […]

How I Got the Gun: Bobby Mathews

Kicking off a new iteration of our original interview series HOW I GOT THE GUN we sat down with Bobby Mathews whose debut book, LIVING THE GIMMICK, releases May 27, 2022 (tomorrow). Instead of an elaborate introduction, we’ll let Bobby’s words speak for themselves. How’d you get the gun? Or rather, what drew you to […]