Shotgun Honey

Sins of the Father by Jack Picurro

The memory Pete had of his father was on a Sunday, the kitchen heavy with the aroma of gravy, frying meatballs and sausages and then the pot flying through the air and a wide hot curtain of red, like the blood in the horror movies that he loved to watch, splattering his mother. He cringed […]

Chet by Jack Picurro

Chet was a moron. I gave him very simple instructions for a very simple job and of course he fucked it up. It should have been easy. I said, “See Manny tell him you need two of the usual. Give him the money and bring them back here.”

Simple right? Two guns two hundred a piece. He goes to see Manny and Chet decides he doesn’t like the guns like he’s some kind of fucking expert. Ok, he was in the army, that’s how I know Chet. I was his squad leader. He was a nice kid but he couldn’t tie his own bootlaces without instructions. When we got out he looked me up. He needed a job. I took pity on him and hey I needed a lackey because I was spreading myself too thin.

So, Chet comes back and tells me he didn’t buy the guns from Manny.