The Phone Call by Joe Surkiewicz

“Hello? Mook? Great to hear your voice. Where you at?” “Shit. One phone call. Just like the movies.” “No charges yet, huh? Well, it’s the weekend. Maybe on Tuesday.” “Mook, slow down. It’s a holiday weekend. Courts are closed on Monday.” “The gang’s all fine. It’s just you.” “A lawyer? Gosh, Mook, that takes money. […]

Blue Buns by Joe Surkiewicz

Bobby “Blue Buns” Garfield stood on the corner across from the Union National Bank, collar up, but not enough to shield the biting wind. He wore a bicycle courier bag, well worn, slung across his back. Enter Little Larry Lomax, bebopping down the sidewalk. “Whoa, Blue Buns, how’s it hanging?” his hand thrust forward. “Stay […]