Wicked Wanda by Julia Madeleine

I looked up from the I heart bitches tattoo on her wrist that I’d done last week to her staring eyes behind smudged glasses. At first glance Wicked Wanda looked like an overweight teenage boy with that barbershop haircut and no makeup. Wanda wasn’t so wicked though. She was more sad than anything.

“I like that you look me directly in the eyes, Miss,” she said. “People don’t make eye contact anymore, you know?”

My heart jackhammered but I decided to ignore what she was doing. I pulled out the picture of the Virgin Mary I’d drawn up for her and turned the paper toward her, pushing it across my desk. She frowned like she might cry.

Joy by Julia Madeleine

The way Joy calmly swept up the broken teeth from the kitchen floor would leave anyone with the impression of a woman who didn’t get too upset about things. This was just part of the familiar routine, sweeping up teeth, wiping blood spatter from walls. That’s what a woman gets sometimes working two jobs after […]

Bad Manners by Julia Madeleine

Angie was well aware of her husband’s cheating. Just as soon as she got that GPS installed in his car, the curtains parted on his duplicity. By then Angie knew all about the other woman. Her name; Lorna. Where she lived; in a crappy apartment building around the corner from Jay’s office. Their blow up […]