Take a Shot: Luke Block on The Ultras, Eoin McNamee

Like good friends and lovers, some books just find you at the right time and when you need them the most. I found The Ultras, a brutal 2004 novel by the Irish writer Eoin McNamee, in a battered and dusty second hand bookstore in my hometown of Gravesend. Sitting alongside the Grisham and the Rankin […]

Bad Deal by Luke Block

They were across the border at last. No checkpoints, no patrols and best of all, no local bumpkins out dog-walking or shagging in their cars. The night was theirs. Detective Chief Inspector Ryan Kelly pulled the car off the road and turned down a narrow bumpy track into Hanging Hill Wood. He rolled to stop […]

Catch by Luke Block

It was a bunch of fishermen who finally found Billy Tate’s drowned body. A small, agitated knot of anglers crowding around a humped black shape that had been dragged out of the water and onto a concrete towpath. Behind Lewisham Asda and the London Bridge to Ladywell trainline Tate was born. Amongst the dogshit and […]