Blight Digest (Winter 2015) Releases

We are pleased to release our second edition of Blight Digest featuring thirteen tales to tantalize and terrorize the senses. Table of Contents Features: Farewell, Again by Matt Andrew Burrow by Paul J. Garth The Hunger, The Thirst by W.P. Johnson How Little Sleeps by Angel Luis Colón On Dark Wings by Tony Wilson The […]

Blight Digest Winter 2015 Reveal

BLIGHT DIGEST Winter 2015 is expected to release the last week of February, and includes 13 all new tales to tingle and terrorize. Our Table of Contents: Grant Jerkins Mathew Andrew Eddie McNamara Angel Luis Colón Paul Garth Mathew Allan Garcia Jacqueline Seewald Tony Wilson John Steele J M Perkins William P Johnson John Leahy […]

Face Full of Asphalt by Mathew Allan Garcia

Rudy gets a face full of asphalt when homeboy yanks him clear off his feet and throws him into the sidewalk. His face makes a meaty, grinding sound as it slides against the concrete. Homeboy’s left arm clutches his stomach like somebody just kicked him in the balls and he’s still feeling the aftershocks. He […]