Medusa and an Anchorite by Matthew Dexter

Inhaling grass clippings and hash drifting from my sister’s window, Grandpa bounced higher on the diving board. Liver constellated skull engulfing solar eclipse. I floated face down on an inflatable zebra. Grandpa replaced his hip eleven months earlier and promised “a forward somersault in the tuck position” soon as the syzygy started. Grandpa cherished an airborne inertia. We’d never […]

Yucatan Whips by Matthew Dexter

The storm was churning and the newscasters were prophesying with porcelain veneers, bloodshot forecasters pontificating over satellite maps with furrowed brows. We had been preparing for this system twenty minutes. Mom already had a black eye and Dad was knocked out the window into the swimming pool. The eye was aiming our way;  windows were […]

An Elephantine Metathesis of a Zamboni Driver by Matthew Dexter

The Zamboni driver started collecting fire ants when the snow began to thaw–and although the inspiration for the endeavor was not the weather but the removal of bandages from the third-degree burns on his left arm–this hobby was better than picking up a hunting rifle and blasting a bullet through his head like his father […]