Shotgun Honey

Best Friends Forever by Meghan Hunt

The car smells like spring, those first days when the permafrost melts and the air fills with the scent of new earth. We have the windows down, the cool night breeze ruffling through our hair as we drive along the old road. “Tell it again,” Jo says from the back seat. From the passenger seat, […]

Mercy by Meghan Hunt

It comes from the dense shadows to the right of the car, a vaguely familiar form running through the slant of our headlights. The impact is loud and violent in the quiet of the wooded road—a crack and an inhuman scream, the squeal of brakes and the crunch of gravel. A symphony of pain and […]

The (Un)Settlement by Meghan Hunt

5… At exactly midnight, I walk down the yard towards the lake. My footsteps echo across the emptiness as I walk down the dock, carrying a single object wrapped in stained linen. I waited until now, until the middle of the night, so that the thick banks of trees would block me from the other […]