Anticipation by Michael A. Raithel

“Freeze and let me see your hands!” Fosdick’s raspy voice cut through the warehouse from behind me.  My stomach turned over and a chill went up my spine. “Gun out, slowly.  Throw it to the side. Good. Now turn around… slowly.” I turned and saw the forty-five in Fosdick’s right hand with its ugly death […]

An Algorithm for Murder by Michael A. Raithel

<BEGIN Algorithm>; <Declare Variables>: Vamp = <Enter Woman’s Name Here>; Target = <Enter Man’s Name Here>; <END Declare Variables>; <Declare Attributes>: VampAttributes = female, pretty face, mid-30’s, sexy body, great smile, bleached blond hair, stylish dresser, cunning, expensive tastes, married four times, divorced two times, widowed twice; TargetAttributes = male, plain face, over 50, middle […]