View from an LA Limo by Mike Loniewski

He had a catch phrase on that shitty sitcom a few years back. You know the one, with the animatronic alien and the little kid squealing “Who’s your daddy?”. Anyway, that’s the kid back there, the ginger with the gun to my head. Tyler Quackenbush. I don’t think he’s been in a movie or T.V. […]

A Beating by Mike Loniewski

There’s a fat guy pissing in the corner. Maurice doesn’t even notice the yellow river at his feet. He’s too busy talking about his damn cartoons.

“Captain Infinity, he’s like, the strongest. A comet hit him and gave him powers, you know?”

Maurice is a dumb shit. The polite thing to say is he’s slow. I’m not polite. Kid’s a dumb shit.

“And Dr. Jackal? Oh, boy! He’s the bad guy.”

It’s like sitting with a six year old.

“Maurice? Quiet.”

White Trash by Mike Loniewski

The trailer kitchen is a fog of gun smoke; dirty food and garbage are splattered all over me.  The screaming heffer in the corner is Ethel.  Everything about her is stained, from her teeth to her soiled nightshirt to her blackened, dirty feet.  Mike is slumped on the linoleum floor clutching his collarbone and looking […]