William E. Wallace and the completion of the OEP Re-Issues

It’s been a while, and kind of a crazy year. How have you been? Last year, almost a year ago, I announced our new partnership with Down & Out Books. I can’t say enough great things about Eric and Lance, who have done a stand up job with their own line of books, and have […]

One Eye Press Adds More Singles

Earlier this fall we announced the acquisition of Tom Pitts’ novella, LIFE OF SERVICE, with a tentative release of March 2015. Pitts novella kicks off our second season of the Singles line, and while on schedule we have changed the title to KNUCKLEBALL and should have a cover reveal late January, early February. Today we […]

Settling the Tab by Mike Miner

It was a land of dust and scrubgrass, sand and rock, punished by the sun, forgotten by God, maybe it was Texas, by the time you made it down this busted up road it was hard to remember what country you were in, then Sally’s Airstream Diner appeared like a mirage out of the desert, […]

One More Night by Mike Miner

Phil Collins.  One More Night.  The song always transports me.  To junior high.  The last Friday of each month.  Dances in the cafeteria. And Sheila. The love of my life, though she never knew it. Tall, blonde, broad-shouldered, thin-waisted, a Nordic queen, eyes the color of ice.  She reigned over my junior high fantasies. And […]

Killer Smile by Mike Miner

It gets dark fast up here.  Cold too.  These Vermont mountains murder the weak January sun and leave nothing but gray clouds as witnesses. A triangular house on a steep, wooded hillside.  The windows glow.  Smoke puffs out of the chimney.  Quaint. The figure in the woods is nearly invisible, an inkstain on asphalt.  Black […]