Tough Love by Mike Monson

Bruno the fence stared at Gladys Wilson. “I know you have our stuff, Mr. Blatt,” Ms. Wilson said. “I demand you give it to me right now.” “I have no idea what you are talking about,” he replied. “Don’t give me that,” she said. “My grandson told me he sold it all to you, that […]

Service of Process by Mike Monson

Jake hid in his car two houses down from Dominic Salvatore. He was lying in the back seat of his Audi peeking out the back window staring hard at Salvatore’s front door. He was on one of the narrow avenues in the foggy Richmond section of San Francisco, where tiny two-story houses are so close […]

Gassed Up by Mike Monson

The dude was looking at me like he wanted to cause trouble, get into a fight, do some damage to my face – hurt me. I don’t think he knew me, but I sure knew him. I had just pulled into a gas station. He was filling up a primer-grey pickup, weaving back and forth […]

Easy Does It by Mike Monson

The day after Frank got out of prison he jaywalked on a busy downtown street and was hit by a car. His right leg was broken both above and below the knee, requiring a massive hip-to-foot cast. This pathetic sight, his youth, his taped-together state-issue glasses, and his humble manner earned him sympathy at the […]