Shotgun Honey Presents: Locked and Loaded

Today we launch the third volume of the Both Barrels series with Shotgun Honey Presents: Locked and Loaded. Featuring 25 stories by: “A Boy Like Billy” by Patricia Abbott “Border Crossing” by Michael McGlade “Looking for the Death Trick” by Bracken MacLeod “Maybelle’s Last Stand” by Travis Richardson “Predators” by Marie S. Crosswell “Twenty to […]

Interview: Nigel Bird

One of the beauties of being part of the Shotgun Honey team, of the internet in general, is having had the privilege of “rubbing” shoulders with writers from around the world, and a true gentleman like Nigel Bird. I first “met” Nigel when he caught one of my first stories online and did the darnedest […]

Stones In Me Pockets by Nigel Bird

Lefty had planned it like he were military. First target were the police van that’s always there at weekends waiting for the clubs to spill their guts. Turk’s crew went across all casual.  Soon had it over.  Smashed the windscreen and went at the outside like it were a steel drum. Didn’t take long for […]