Mondo Cargo by Nolan Knight

The vinyl booth squealed as a pair of bare-bottom brunettes grinded Hollis’ crotch into a slimy mess. He peered ’round thick brown nipples to see Juanito and Teddy, awe-struck before a thunderous clapping of asses. All they needed was one stack dropped onto the table; girls could smell it through tender roast beef being carved in the kitchen. Sam’s Hofbrau: A world they’d re-imagined for years on the inside, reliving its sensory overload to eviscerate cold steel bars. Not today. Now they were on the outside—on top. Less than fifteen minutes on a rain soaked night and dreams were now a reality. This stop was just a brief after party; a celebration before the rest of their lives. What better than a mind-numbing feast of flesh?

T-Town Blue by Nolan Knight

The blade slid warm across Sonny’s lip, grape jelly sweet on the tongue; tip toes strained on a Bud thirty-pack: had to see over the kitchen counter to spackle stale sourdough. Was wiping the switch with his t-shirt when a slap jarred his skull, sending the knife to blistered linoleum. Pops didn’t say a word, […]

Rise, Charlie, Rise by Nolan Knight

The tree house was safety. Whenever glass shattered or flesh thwacked. Out the window, up eight planks, a hideout till shouts simmered. Cigar smoke drifted through slats. Charlie covered his ears, forearms blistered from being ‘Too damn stupid!’ Newest scars in the collection; Ma still had him beat. Through the kitchen window, could see a […]