How I Got the Gun: Paul J. Garth

Most of our Gauntlet members over the years have been past contributors to our online flash offering. Having been here since day one, it gives me a unique opportunity to watch these writers grow in their craft. Though I admit, Paul’s contributions have shown exceptional skill from his first story. Two weeks ago, THE LOW […]

The New Faces of Shotgun Honey, Submissions Open for Flash Fiction

Since 2011, Shotgun Honey has been honored to have a variety of talented writers helm what we fondly call the “Gauntlet.” A right of passage for every story that graces our site, where the story is reviewed individually by three submission editors and requires a majority vote. It started with Kent Gowran, Sabrina Ogden and […]

Opprobrium by Paul J. Garth

Cole twitched in his seat and scratched at his arms as they took Highway 75 North, Omaha disappearing in the rearview mirror. He reached for the radio, desperate for something other than the hum of the road and the empty landscape and the hot sun and his father’s unbearable silence, but his hand was swatted […]

Apnoia by Paul J. Garth

Tara stands in the corner while Ben stomps on the kid’s neck, the heel of his boot digging into the soft skin of his throat. “How’d you find us?” Ben screams at the kid. “How the fuck did you find us?” From the corner, she sees the look the kid gives. Terrified but defiant. She […]

Blight Digest (Winter 2015) Releases

We are pleased to release our second edition of Blight Digest featuring thirteen tales to tantalize and terrorize the senses. Table of Contents Features: Farewell, Again by Matt Andrew Burrow by Paul J. Garth The Hunger, The Thirst by W.P. Johnson How Little Sleeps by Angel Luis Colón On Dark Wings by Tony Wilson The […]

County Road by Paul J. Garth

I pulled my hat lower on my head, gritting my eyes against the dipping sun, watching for the tell tale trail of dust that Jake’s truck would make when it turned onto the unpaved county road. The early spring wind froze my blood inside the vein, and I spit in the dirt, attempting to exorcise […]