Interview: Peter Farris

I had just gotten to BoucherCon (what another BCon story?) in the middle of panels, just before lunch, not a person I knew roaming about, so I set down and look over my goody bag. That when Pete came up and asked me if I was me and introduced him as he. Or something like […]

The Day Traders – Part Two by Peter Farris

REPOSSESSED   I can see a lot from my window The drunks driving home And the repo trucks not far behind The cats crossing the street Looking for love But I can’t shake the sight Of a cop leaving the scene Of a crime With a smile on his face And a bag in his […]

The Day Traders by Peter Farris

  THE HISTORY CLASS: Craziest thing I have ever seen. SWAT ghosting down the hall. Six of them. Body armor. Machine guns. Cop holds up a finger to his lips and signals for me to keep quiet. I’m huddled in a corner, hiding under a water fountain. Lockers to my left. Classrooms to my right. […]

The Traffic Stop by Peter Farris

Ronnie Chalmers had a mouth full of pecans when the Caprice passed her at twenty over. The deputy hit the lights and wheeled her patrol car out onto SR-14, the only traffic on the highway tractor trailers freighted with beer, on their way from the bottling plant to places like Tallahassee or Tuscaloosa. She sighted […]

Tornado Noir by Peter Farris

Phirun was watching the weather report when the kid pulled a .380 that probably hadn’t been cleaned since the Carter administration. “I want the cash, man! Hand it over!” He was leprosy thin, with dirty hands, peach fuzz on his chin, lousy teeth, a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. tee. Phirun looked back at the television. The […]

Disney Noir by Peter Farris

Somebody threw a bucket of water on Daffy, putting the fire out. Mickey leaned against a work bench and hustled a cigarette from a soft pack of Marlboros. Minnie lit it for him, then cooed, passing a hand over his crotch. “He say anything yet?” Mickey said. I shook my head. Daffy was breathing funny, […]