Spray by Preston Lang

He’d called himself FitzSlay back when he started tagging the side of Fitzgibbon’s Art Supply, a wide canvas that faced onto Broadway at 203rd street, under the IRT tracks. Mr. Fitzgibbon, who’d once accused him of stealing a can of Rust-Oleum Red, whitewashed the building four times before giving up. And soon after, FitzSlay’s bold, […]

The Man, The Legend by Preston Lang

The first time Louden met him, Mickey was wearing one of those 10-reasons-a-beer-is-better-than-a-woman tee shirts. When they’d gone to see Mickey’s uncle, he’d worn a shirt with stick-figure bride and groom—Game Over. Louden wore a suit and tie to meet the crime boss. “Hey, Uncle Teddy. This is my buddy from The Department of—” “Interdepartmental […]