Shotgun Honey

Guilty of Something by R J Spears

“Go easy on him, Frank,” Stephen said, a little bit of a whine edging into his voice.

But Frank wasn’t hearing it. His blood was up — as they say.

The kid, barely out of his teens, had both of his hands up in a defensive gesture, but Frank’s fists, as big as a catcher’s mitt, battered through them and struck home. A left caught the kid in the side of the head, jarring him, but the right hit him square on, knocking him off his feet. He fell back, striking the corner of the aging brick building, and ended up face-first in the dirt, gravel, and broken glass littering the alley.

“You think you can steal on my beat?” Frank hissed out. He moved in over the kid, fists up, poised like a boxer, his weight balanced evenly on both of his feet, his shadow enveloping the kid like a blanket. The kid looked up, a pathetic look on his face as blood oozed from his shattered nose.

“You gotta back off!” Stephen shouted as he grabbed Frank by the shoulders and tried to wrench him away. Frank shot out a tree trunk-sized arm and caught Stephen in the chest, knocking Stephen aside like he was made of balsa wood.

The Waiting Game by R. J. Spears

“Willard, when are you coming to bed?” Grace’s voice echoed in his head waking him from a deep sleep. He sat in his recliner, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, his Remington .310 laying placidly across the chair’s arms just like it did every night.  The TV filled the family room with a pale gray […]

What You Don’t Know by R.J. Spears

Frank was being a little rougher than he had to be, but from what he heard, Block had been a marine once so he didn’t want underestimate the man. He even had two guys as back-up out in the car.  He followed up his right cross with a punch to Block’s stomach.  Air left Block’s […]