Piece of Cake by R. Thomas Brown

Hap Callahan walked through the saloon doors of Cowboy Coffee, shaking his head at the lassos in the logo. Seemed every place he went these days tried to make you feel like you were at a theme park, not next door to a James Avery in yet another strip mall filling up suburban space and […]

Albatross by R Thomas Brown

The wooden rolling pin and promotional pamphlet, spotted with blood, landed in the trash with a thud. James Smith slipped off the gloves and tossed them in as well. He’d burn them tomorrow. He tossed the clothes into the lower unit of his top and bottom washer/dryer and stepped into the shower. He stood beneath […]

One Man’s Trash by R Thomas Brown

Phil lumbered out of his truck and opened the lock he had placed on the storage unit that morning. The orange door slid open, revealing the stacks of boxes that hid the value he saw during the five minutes of allotted time before bidding commenced. He hoped he’d find treasure in the back, and not […]

What Goes Around by R Thomas Brown

Davey strolled out of the Texas Electric building into the Texas heat. He flipped up the collar of his salmon polo, and wished his office had jorts day as opposed to jeans Friday. He slipped on his shades, slung his backpack over his left shoulder and headed to the parking garage. “Spare some change?” Davey […]