Shotgun Honey

Home Invasion with Big Brother by Rhys Ware

The four stooges floundered through the night, sharing a bottle and aerosol can between them.

‘If he’s awake we’ll chin him,’ Bun said.

‘I don’t want to chin no one, especially no pensioner. Won’t your dad be pissed, Porky?’ Slop said.

‘Dad won’t find out. The old man’ll be asleep; we go in, find the bag and go back out. We get some gear along the way, then pay off Burnt Dave. Easy.’

‘Where’s he keeping the money?’ Nose said.

‘I don’t know, but I heard dad gave it to him in a rucksack,’ Porky said. ‘He don’t hear good and I took dad’s spare key, so we won’t wake him.’

The door opened slow and Porky scouted the place from the safety of the entrance. Darkness. Thoughts of Burnt Dave pushed him through. He caught his foot on something, the stairs, he thought. His equilibrium was off but he caught his balance on the bannister. He ushered the others through.