Frozen Out by Rob Brunet

Any illusion Delmar harboured he was family evaporated when Bertie told him she’d sooner see her punk-ass brother run the deli than sell it to a beaner. “I got a legacy to think of.” She hacked into a bloodstained napkin. “I may be dying, but I ain’t losing my marbles.” Delmar handed her warm apple […]

Honey Truck by Rob Brunet

The driver climbed down off the honey truck and said his name was Edgar.

“Thanks for coming so quick,” Clarence said. “Figured it might take a while.”

“You got lucky,” said Edgar. “I do a run out this way every three, four weeks. This is the week.”

“How do you handle the smell?”

“You get used to it. Sewage is sewage. Some of them’s worse than others. Did you clear the top off the tank?”

“Naw, I didn’t know where it was.”

Road Rage by Rob Brunet

The 80s Mustang in his rearview mirror swerved out again and this time Monk let it pass. Goosed his pickup just enough the guy had to cut in tight to avoid a head-on with an SUV coming the other way. Sure enough, by the next stoplight, they were side by side again. Street lined with […]

Rickie’s Pig by Rob Brunet

The day Rickie found the empty limousine idling outside the hardware store, he knew he’d made it off the farm. Steal it. Sell it. No more slopping pigs. He drove the stretch black Hummer to a chop shop, but they weren’t buying. “BEAMERS, BENZ, AUDIS,” the fence said. “I can’t sell a fucking limo.” Driving […]