Shotgun Honey

Building a Book Playlist by Rob Hart

One of the first things I do when I write a book is make a playlist. I’ve got three rules: It can’t have too many songs—I like to keep it to roughly an hour’s worth of music. Only one song per musician or artist. And none of the songs can have been used in a […]

Party Princess by Rob Hart

I am such a pretty princess.

And do you know what a pretty princess can get away with?


This wasn’t supposed to be a full time job. When I got laid off, I figured appearing at children’s parties dressed like Snow White or Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty would just be a way to pay my bills.

I have a master’s degree. Surely someone would want me.

But then I recognized the real value of this job.

Making It Easy by Rob Hart

The man in the gray suit careens out the glass door, nearly knocking over an elderly woman while screaming into his cell phone. “No, you tell that fucking bitch that if she wants a hostile work environment, I’ll give her a hostile work environment.”

Ding ding ding.

Richie tosses his cigarette to the ground, flips up the collar of his coat to protect against the bitter wind, and sets off down the sidewalk after the man in the gray suit.

The man is fleshy around the gut and thin in the upper arms and his hairline is marching backward. The kind of guy who hides behind a big voice, who probably isn’t actually game for a real fight.

Richie smiles. There’s potential here. And on the first try.

Foodies by Rob Hart

They shuffle in their shiny shoes, gazing at the sidewalk. Standing apart, as if to hide from each other. “The password,” I say. The boy mumbles something. I tell him to speak louder. “Red dragon,” he says. I open the door all the way and they dive past me, seeking out the refuge of shadow. […]

Second Chance by Rob Hart

The digital readout on the dash of the rental says the outside temperature is 97 degrees. The sun went down three hours ago. I tap the plastic like that’ll make the numbers drop. Fucking Texas. I kill the engine. The air conditioner stops chugging and heat creeps in like it wasn’t even on. When I […]