Shotgun Honey

Killing Animals by Rob Pierce

These were the roofs Joseph climbed as a child. From these same rooftop perches he’d heard laughter and known it was at him and his father. His father had tried to stay here, had told him, at nights in their home on the edge of the woods, how he would show them that he and […]

Killing Animals by Rob Pierce

All that covered Joseph was the bearskin that hung loose to his knees, that and the thick brown hair on his head and calves. On his back was the rifle of a hunter who’d mistaken him for game. He moved slowly among the townspeople under awnings that shadowed the planked sidewalks. Hollow footsteps fell on […]

Empty Kitchens by Rob Pierce

I got out of the lukewarm shower, left the water running. I had to drown out the sound of when Lola slammed the door. The sound when she left. I walked out of the bathroom naked. The water dripped off me slowly. Even on my cheap carpet, those drops wouldn’t stain. Maybe Malcolm’s kitchen floor […]