How I Got the Gun: Ryan Sayles

Back in August, a longtime friend Ryan Sayles reached out about his new book Like Whitewashed Tombs which released August 29th from Down & Out Books. Ryan’s work first appeared on Shotgun Honey in 2011, and he returned several times since. In fact we had the pleasure of publishing his novel Goldfinches in 2016. Before […]

William E. Wallace and the completion of the OEP Re-Issues

It’s been a while, and kind of a crazy year. How have you been? Last year, almost a year ago, I announced our new partnership with Down & Out Books. I can’t say enough great things about Eric and Lance, who have done a stand up job with their own line of books, and have […]

Book Release – Goldfinches by Ryan Sayles

One Eye Press is happy to announce the release of GOLDFINCHES by Ryan Sayles. Available in paperback and Kindle. About GOLDFINCHES Family man Carl, with his wife and daughter, are on their way check on his young son who had been hospitalized for an ear infection complicated by the boy’s Type 1 Diabetes. Stopped at […]

One Eye Press Schedule Changes, and Introducing Face Value by William E. Wallace

As a publisher, as small as One Eye Press might be, I want to have a comfortable separation between the personal and the professional. But when you ride in a one-man boat the slightest storm is a potential to capsize. While, it wasn’t perfect storm, both personal and professional issues have capsized the boat. It […]

Turn That Frown Upside Down by Ryan Sayles

I broke into your house, Ted.

I hate your name, Ted. Sounds like some jackass manager that’s the butt of every joke even though he doesn’t know it. Sounds like the guy who gets killed in every movie just because the script calls for a high body count. Fodder, Ted. You’re fodder. A joke.

Suck it, Ted.

Last Rites by Chris Leek and Ryan Sayles

The way she was bleeding told me two things; they got her too good for her to be on her feet anymore and I needed someplace to park her that’d buy me some getaway time.

“You think I’m gonna be okay, Trav?” she asked around the wincing and quiet sobs. Tear-streaked and pleading. I looked down to her, saw she’d bled on all that hard-earned money and wanted to say no just because it might be ruined cuz she don’t know how to take a damn hit.

“Yeah. I’m just plottin’ our next move, is all.” I lie and pat her on the head. Feel like I’m petting a loyal dog. Mostly am.

Sweet, Little Ghosts by Ryan Sayles

“You know, everyday it seems like a new one just ups and vanishes,” Barry said as he clicked through the missing and exploited children lists. “Like sweet, little ghosts. Poof and gone.” Barry leaned back, the chair creaking on the hardwood floor. His computer’s glow haunted the room; the watery yellow from the street lamps […]

Grease Monkey Bokor by Ryan Sayles

“Daddy, what’s that gunk under your fingernails?” “It’s from the shop.” “The shop makes your hands black. That stuff is red.” Kids. They notice everything. “Well, this time it made my hands red. Now scram, I’m trying to shave.” The kid leaves, just to be replaced by the wife. “You haven’t taken your medication in […]

One-Sided Conversation by Ryan Sayles

“Before you speak, just know I already have all the answers.” The guy is trying to speak. It’s hard on him. All screams and squeals. Since he’s dangling by his tie off a rooftop. “My compliments to your knot-tying. This is impressive.” My cigarette dropping ash, flutters down about his face; his eyes wide as […]