Blight Digest Launches

One Eye Press is thrilled to announce the digital release of Blight Digest, a seasonal fiction magazine dedicated to horror. Editors Bracken MacLeod and Jan Kozlowski, along with publisher Ron Earl Phillips, have collected 10 of the best horror and dark fiction stories for this debut launch. A print edition is following and should be […]

Notes on a Friday Night by Sandra Seamans

So Miss Stoodley, our English teacher, gives us this really dumb assignment.  Take a notebook she says, pick a spot in town, and write a list of ten things that happen while you’re there.  Who’s she kidding?  Nothing ever happens in New Hope.  I mean how can it?  We’ve only got the Shurfine Supermarket, Kelly’s […]

Goes Around by Sandra Seamans

“C’mon, c’mon,” whispered Jackie, jabbing at the elevator button. She watched the hall, her ears listening for the swish of the elevator doors. An office door opened and a heavy set man stepped into the hall, caught sight of Jackie and strode towards her. Jackie stood her ground, praying the elevator would get there fast […]

Brotherly Love by Sandra Seamans

Jed Ralston sat at a corner table in Freddy’s Diner picking his teeth while he considered his next move. The meal the waitress served up was edible but what she offered for dessert sounded downright lip smacking. If you enjoyed her type. Jed’s tastes ran to higher quality restaurants and women. He had it from […]