Shotgun Honey Presents Favorite Reads of 2019 (Part Four)

Our final week of Favorite Reads of 2019 sends out the year with 13 additional books to add to your wish lists and New Year’s reading lists. I know my 2020 is going to be full of books. This week we invite Scott Adlerberg, Sarah M. Chen and Paul J. Garth, and I tackle a […]

The Last Second Chance by Sarah M. Chen

NOW “Shhh,” Lyle whispers. “You’re gonna wake her.” “The window ain’t even open,” Jeannie hisses. They peer in the baby’s room from the bushes alongside the two-story house like peeping Toms. Lyle’s thighs burn from squatting. Jeannie twitches, rubs her stick arms. Notices Lyle’s frown. “What? It’s fucking cold tonight.” Jeannie’s a shitty liar. You […]

A High Ridge Homecoming by Sarah M. Chen

I see you walk into the bar, Robby, and I get that fiery rush in the pit of my stomach. I giggle like I’m in high school. You tell me after three years, I look the same. You call me Mandy-kins and say I still got them dimples.

Well, course I do. I want to say that but I don’t. Instead, I smile and pour you a Schlafly.

I ask what brings you back to High Ridge. I bet it’s to see me, I joke. But deep down, I mean it. I think you know I mean it too by the way you look at me.

But you say you’re back home to see your momma. You call her and call her but she’s not answerin’ and so you come out to see her and she’s not around. Nobody’s seen her neither. You ask if I’ve seen your momma.