The Damned and Don Williams by Scott Montgomery

Joe punched B24 on the juke box like he did years before and still received the warm bass and steel guitar that led into Don Williams “I Believe In You”. The memories flooded in and pushed thoughts away from the bullet in his side. The few barflies cleared out. Only Tami, behind the bar, remained. […]

Trouble: Chunked, Covered & Country by Scott Montgomery

Miller savored a bite of his patty melt. Yankee comics mocked it, but they never understood The Waffle House’s context in southern culture. Also, for a simple fare, it tasted so fine, especially after a job. He’d been two hours on the road after the split from taking down an Outfit owned Nashville record label. […]

Vikings by Scott Montgomery

The Blonde brought their beers and took their wing orders. Bob wished they had the brunette with the glasses. He eyed the babe with the red hair and mouth watering tits, but that Mexican gal had something you couldn’t put your hands on, as much as you wanted to put them on her. She looked […]

Two Steps Over the Line by Scott Montgomery

A Model-T chugged into the shimmering horizon of Albert Hunsicker’s land. There was time to decide if he needed the Flat Top Colt .44 sitting next to the pitcher of lemonade on the small table. People on the border should know better than to come unannounced. His Mexican, Ruiz, was putting up a picket fence […]