To Whom It May Concern by Serena Jayne

Dear Manufacturer of Rid Yourself of the Red eye drops, Your product packaging seems designed to make Rid Yourself of the Red a deceptive doppelganger of the named brand product. Same cardboard box. Same red, white, and blue color scheme. Same tamper-resistant seal. But your product contains a different active ingredient. As if I could […]

Baby Magic by Serena Jayne

Della hobbled down Bourbon Street, dodging drunken tourists. The fifty-dollar bill she’d shoved inside her bra made her tits itch. Her stomach lurched at the stale beer, body odor, and urine stink. Pedestrian chatter blended with the mix of music, making the air seem to pulse. Remy’s words as he’d handed her the cash, “we’ll […]