Shotgun Honey

A Lukewarm Dish by T. Maxim Simmler

You’re awake? Took you bloody well long enough, mate. I’m almost bang out of booze here. Yeah, this wiggling and struggling? It’ll really get you nowhere. That’s ten quid worth of rubber tape all around you and a German oak table. Krauts built this shit to last a couple of Reiches. And no, I’m not […]

The Biology Lesson by T. Maxim Simmler

The sound came first, reverberated in his head, echoing from the top of his skull; a sound like grinding a cigarette butt on a gravel path. Then the hurting started, a fiery arrow penetrating his eyes, setting his brain on fire. Marcus had lost count how many times he had been punched in the nose […]

Like They Do It in the Movies by T. Maxim Simmler

I blame Guy Ritchie. Him and all the other wankers who tried to cash in, churning out about one new badass gangster flick a week. And, y’know, the kids watch that shit and they start thinking about just how cool life would be once they’d start, say, peddling dope, working their way up the food […]