Trouble Comes to Dover Plains Part Two by Terrence McCauley

Mackay threw Andrew over the saddle of John Hardy’s horse and led them both up to the jail on Front Street at the edge of town. Dover Plains was a prosperous town by Montana standards. Lumber, mining, farming and ranching thrived all around it, so the town had the resources to build a solid jail […]

Trouble Comes to Dover Plains Part One by Terrence McCauley

Dover Plains, Montana – 1877 “Tin star or not, Mackay, I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch. And I’m going to kill him right here and now.” The gamblers and drunkards and whores in the Tin Horn Saloon quietly pushed their chairs away from their tables as John Hardy made his declaration. But Sheriff […]

Interview: Terrence McCauley

This week we sit down with Terrence McCauley, a New Yorker with a passion for the past. His ex-heavyweight boxer turned enforcer, Terry Quinn, has appeared in joints like THUGLIT and ATOMIC NOIR, as well as recently released novels FIGHT CARD: AGAINST THE ROPES and PROHIBITION, and most recently in our own flashzine with “The […]