Alberto’s by Todd Morr

Todd Morr

 “Dude, we always go to Alberto’s after.” Alberto’s was south. Steve kept driving north. Steve adjusted the rearview mirror so he could see Brandon in the back seat. Brandon was still holding his ear to the side of his head as if holding it in place long enough would re-attach it. He had his other […]

Love or Money by Todd Morr

“Love or money?”

“What?” the lead guy said, keeping his gun pointed in my direction. The second gunman stepped in beside him and aimed at me too.

I lifted the newly dead body up a little more by the piano wire wrapped around his neck, it was difficult, Enrique had packed on a few pounds since hitting the big time, “You here for love or money?”

They seemed confused, I couldn’t decide if Enrique’s body guards being dumb was a good thing. I wished I wasn’t holding him, so I could go for my own gun, or even better, if I had pulled him a foot or so further from his desk when I choked him out he wouldn’t have kicked over the bottle of Scotch.

Prayer by Todd Morr

“The usual?” The reverend made his habitual over the shoulder peek before handing over the flask and a handful of bills.  He overpaid for his tin of whiskey to ensure discretion.  Judging by the looks he had been getting, he was not getting what his money’s worth. It was still better to stay off the […]