Shotgun Honey

Art of Silence by Fitz Benwalla

“Cutty!” The room erupted in cheers as the man walked into Davy’s Locker Bar and Restaurant, arms in the air like he’d just won the middleweight belt and hadn’t just been released from Bridgewater State after two years. His father gave him a huge tearful hug. His fiancée—who was only his girlfriend when he went in—wept openly.

“Oh fuck, ” said Elbert on the barstool to my left. “You wanna get out of here?”

“Nah,” I said.

“I don’t like how you said that,” Elbert said.

“How did I say it?”

“Like you don’t give a fuck.”

Interview: Todd Robinson

When I first came into this crazy crime addled community I scoped out the alpha dogs, the guys running the show. There weren’t any bigger than Big Daddy Thug, Todd Robinson, founder of THUGLIT and launcher of more than one career. Looking at his magazine, I decided at the moment I was going to be […]

Fucking Cold by Todd Robinson

A wave of frigid air blasted into Moe as he stepped out of the diner.  He quickly closed his leather jacket against the Maine winds.  Fuck, New England was cold. He slumped onto the unfinished bench, next to the yutz in the ridiculously poofy fleece jacket.  Moe pulled out his Camels, patted his coat pockets […]